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July 8th, 2023 - 2PM

Reported as the "Largest Volunteer Firemen's Parade in Pennsylvania", the 76th Annual Cherry Festival Parade is back and better than ever! Join us in downtown North East as the streets come alive with music and performing groups, emergency vehicles of all shapes, sizes, colors and varieties, horses, and floats. 

Participant Statement: The North East Fire Department ("Department") and Cherry Festival Parade Committee ("Committee") thank you for your interest in being a participant in the 76th Annual Cherry Festival Parade. The parade is the Departments way of giving back to the community for the generous support shown throughout the Cherry Festival and throughout the year, and is designed to be a safe, family friendly event. The Committee and Department reserve the right to deem any registrant as unacceptable and to remove or refuse registration for any reason, with or without prior notification (at the time of registration, or the time of arrival). The following are some general rules that apply to the parade:

1) Candy is only to be handed out by persons walking alongside vehicles. No candy or items are to be thrown from vehicles, trailers, moving equipment without the prior authorization of the Committee or Department. 

2) The only political-type official in the parade is the North East Mayor. The Committee and Department do not wish to show endorsement of any candidate, party, agenda, rhetoric, or ideology. We will refuse application from any politician. political party, political sub-group, candidate service organization, politically motivated demonstration group or endorsement group, unless the nature of their entry is strictly non-political in nature. 

3) Bumper stickers, decals, signs, shirts and items of similar advertising nature for any politician, political group, or those containing profane language, offensive rhetoric, direct alcohol/tobacco marketing or deemed by the Committee to be of an inappropriate nature will be asked to be covered up, removed, or otherwise concealed. 

4) Persons are prohibited from operating vehicles, including tractors, UTVs, or other motorized units while consuming intoxicating beverages or other mind altering substances, or being under the influence of such. 

5) A no-siren zone is posted to allow bands to perform without distraction of sirens, horns and other noise making devices. With the exception only of the North East Fire Department, all are expected to observe and obey the no siren zone. 

6) Judging for the parade is performed by Allegheny Judging Association. Their decision regarding outcomes and prizes is final. 

We hope that the parade is an enjoyable experience for all. We look forward to your participation and thank you for joining us. 

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