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5:30pm-Firemen's Closing
12pm-11pm (or later)


The North East Firemen's Cherry Festival does not charge an admission fee to the grounds. Fees are assessed for those riding rides in the form of tickets and/or ride-a-ramas, for those playing games to the game providers, and for those ordering food to the food vendors.



Persons are prohibited from bringing guns and other devices that could reasonable be called a weapon. Persons are also prohibited from bringing alcohol on to the grounds. Pets are not permitted, however, service dogs are permitted as required by ADA guidelines. 



\\"Firemen's Closing"

You see the term in our hours, but aren't quite sure what it means...summed up simply, it means that we make every effort to stay open until 11pm each night, however, based on crowd size, availability of supplies to our food stands, and weather, we may elect to close earlier (or later). The best indication of closing time is to pay attention to the Money tent, as it is the last tent to close each night.



\\Most everyone takes cash...

That is a largely correct statement...most everyone runs off a cash system. Fortunatley, an ATM is available on site by the Heard Park Restrooms.




Nightly ride-a-rama is available, and there are 2 sessions on Saturday (one from noon to 4pm, one from 5:30pm to 11pm). Each ride-a-rama band is good for only one session. The North East Firemen's Cherry Festival, Bates Brothers Amusements and the sponsor Fire Departments are not responsible for any band lost or stolen. 




Due to the traveling nature of the rides, it is not known in advance which rides will be showing up. Ride height requirements are prominently posted at the festival, and all efforts will be made to get a list on the website as ride arrival is known.




Throughout the event, security is provided for the safety of our patrons and vendors. 




Any emergency that occurs on the festival grounds will be announced through all available communications methods. Emergency Action Plans are in place for various types of potential emergencies. It's also important to note that this event is run by firefighters and EMS providers, therefore, safety is considered paramount.




The Parade begins at 4pm on Saturday. Lineup for units attending the parade begins at 2pm, and starts at the intersection of Bank and Pearl. It is recommended that you get your chairs out "early"...and by "early", we mean after 4pm Friday per borough ordinance.




The Cherry Queen Crowning will take place at 7pm on Thursday. The ceremony takes about 15-20 minutes, and occurs on the main stage at Heard Park. The Cherry Court is escorted on to the stage by members of the NEFD. After brief introductions, the Cherry Queen is crowned by the prior years Queen.




The North East Firemen's Cherry Festival Sausage Tent is the only place to get the iconic sausage sandwich that has become a festival favorite. In addition, the Sausage Tent sells regular cut fries and Coca-Cola products.




The Sausage is a "once a year" blend made by Smiths Provisions. The recipie is only made when the Cherry Festival orders, therefore, quantities are limited to what we order. The sausage is kept "consistent" by being boiled prior to grilling. The boiling process makes it so that all of the flavors are dispersed amongst all the sausage. After the boiling, the sausage is grilled, then placed on a freshly cut roll. (Did you know that every roll is hand cut daily by volunteers from the Ladies Auxillary and the community? Every morning around 9am, the rolls arrive from the bakery and are cut by the wonderful volunteers.) After being placed on the roll, peppers and onions are added to the sandwich (unless ordered without). 




The North East Firemen's Cherry Festival Fry Barn is the exclusive home of the curly fries and chili cheese fries, a new favorite introduced just 3 years ago. In addition, the Fry Barn sells Coca-Cola products.




The Ladies Auxillary tent is the place to be for the best greek covered foods in town. The Ladies work tirelessly to make their homemade greek sauce for the event, and have hot dogs, hamburgers and ox-roast just waiting to be covered in it. In addition, the "official" cherry pie of the Cherry Festival is sold at the tent, along with milk cartons and juice boxes, for those not looking for Coca-Cola products.




All of the North East Fire Department tents use peanut oil for frying. Persons with peanut allergies are advised to exercise caution and their own discretion when it comes to their allergies.

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